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The Link Between Liver Health and Diet – What to Eat for a Healthy Liver 0

Summary The Liver is the largest and one of the most important organs of the body. Till date, over 500 functions have been attributed to the liver. Needless to say,

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What does an Enlarged Liver indicate? 0

Enlarged liver, medically called Hepatomegaly, is a condition in which the liver is swollen or enlarged beyond its normal size.

The difference between Liver Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer 1

Like any other organ in the body, the liver too is vulnerable to a wide range of ailments, including liver

Liver Disease in Children 2

The liver is one of the most critical among the large organs of the human body. It has over 500

Native Medicines for Jaundice can be dangerous 2

Jaundice is a liver condition which manifests as yellowing of the skin, whites of the eyes and urine. Jaundice is

Hepatitis is Vaccine-Preventable 2

The liver is a vital organ with over 500 known functions. Most importantly, it filters toxins from our blood, fights

Eight Classic Symptoms of Liver Damage 3

The liver, the second largest organ of our body, is positioned in the abdominal cavity towards the upper right corner.

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Robotic Surgery in Liver Transplants – Transforming transplantation 1

Summary Robotic Donor Hepatectomy is emerging as an excellent alternative to open donor transplant which were the norm till a few years ago. The precision, dexterity and improved visualization available

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Follow-up Medical care after Heart Transplant 2

Heart Failure is one of the serious conditions that affect the heart. It can be caused by a wide range

Kauvery Heart & Lung Transplant Centre 2

Single destination. Trusted expertise. Kauvery’s Heart Transplant Team  At Kauvery Hospital, we have a specialized and internationally trained team of

Bone Marrow Transplant: What you need to know? 2

What is Bone Marrow? Bone marrow is a fat tissue found inside your bones, which contains stem cells that develop

Success of Liver Transplantation, post-transplant Dos and Don’ts 2

Liver failure is a situation where the liver has lost almost all its functionality, due to one or more reasons.

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The only cancer that can be prevented by vaccination! 0

Cervical cancer is the only cancer that can be prevented by vaccination, and 95% recovery is possible if detected in the early stages. January is Cervical Cancer Awareness month, so

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Low Platelet Count: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options 0

Summary Thrombocytopenia is a condition that is marked by a low count of platelets, also called thrombocytes. Platelets are a

Lymphoma – an overview, types, and genetic risks 0

What is Lymphoma? Lymphoma is an umbrella term for cancers of the blood and lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is

Robotic Surgery in Oncology – Breaking Barriers and Redefining Treatment 1

Summary Robotic Surgery is breaking barriers and redefining treatment options for a wide range of diseases and conditions that affect

The different tests required for detecting blood-cancer 1

Introduction Blood cancer is a serious condition which shows prominent symptoms in some people and muted symptoms in some others.

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