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Liver Disease in Children 2

The liver is one of the most critical among the large organs of the human body. It has over 500 known functions discovered till date. It produces bile which carries

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Native Medicines for Jaundice can be dangerous 1

Jaundice is a liver condition which manifests as yellowing of the skin, whites of the eyes and urine. Jaundice is

Hepatitis is Vaccine-Preventable 1

The liver is a vital organ with over 500 known functions. Most importantly, it filters toxins from our blood, fights

Eight Classic Symptoms of Liver Damage 3

The liver, the second largest organ of our body, is positioned in the abdominal cavity towards the upper right corner.

5 Stages of Liver Disease 3

The liver is one of the largest and most extraordinary organs in the body. While all other organs have specific

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Kauvery Heart & Lung Transplant Centre 1

Single destination. Trusted expertise. Kauvery’s Heart Transplant Team  At Kauvery Hospital, we have a specialized and internationally trained team of Transplant Surgeons, Lung failure / Transplant Pulmonologist, Heart failure /

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Bone Marrow Transplant: What you need to know? 1

What is Bone Marrow? Bone marrow is a fat tissue found inside your bones, which contains stem cells that develop

Success of Liver Transplantation, post-transplant Dos and Don’ts 1

Liver failure is a situation where the liver has lost almost all its functionality, due to one or more reasons.

After a Lung Transplantation 2

Your Life After the Lung Transplant  For the next 3 months after a lung transplantation, you will be closely monitored

The Procedure of Lung Transplantation 2

The Day of Surgery Once the surgery is confirmed, you will be taken to the operating room. The surgery can

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Tobacco and Lung Cancer – The Deadly Connection 1

Worldwide, smoking is the most common cause for lung cancer contributing to anywhere between 80 to 90% of all lung cancer cases depending on the country. Both active smokers and

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Side-effects of Radiation Therapy 1

Radiation Therapy is one of the most common treatment options for almost every type of cancer. Special X-rays are beamed

What is Rectal Cancer? Symptoms and Treatment for Rectal Cancer 2

The rectum is the area between the end of the large intestine and the anus. The feces passes through the

Being Aware of Throat Cancer 2

In throat cancer, the cells in the throat mutate which results in them significantly increasing in number. These cells live

Renal Cell Carcinomas: All You Need to Know 2

Renal cell carcinomas refer to the tumors involving the kidney. Incidental Detection The prevalence of renal cell carcinomas is on

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