After a heart attack – what happens now?

After a heart attack – what happens now?
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“Heart attack kills one person every 33 seconds in India” – Times of India.

A heart attack can be painful and very frightening. Most people prefer to live under the illusion that it won’t happen to them… until it does.

So, what does one do after they have had a heart attack?

Usually, after a heart attack, you would be in hospital for a few days for monitoring. When the doctor deems that you are fit to leave, you will be given medication, advised on lifestyle changes, and routine follow up tests will be done.

It isn’t unusual to go through myriad emotions after having a heart attack. Many people, once they’re back home go through feelings of fear, depression and anxiety. You may do too. This might make it harder for you to make the lifestyle changes that the doctor has advised you to. Don’t ignore these feelings. Deal with them by talking to your loved ones and seek professional help if necessary.

Many hospitals have a rehabilitation program for people who have suffered a heart attack. Use the help as it can help speed recovery.

Lifestyle changes

The most important part of recovering from a heart attack is making lifestyle changes to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. These would include:-

Your doctor will probably advise you to seek the help of a nutritionist who will give you a heart healthy diet to follow.


Some hospitals have rehabilitation programs that include exercises that are easy to do and will help keep you fit. Walking and swimming are good forms of aerobic exercise and can be done anywhere and at any time.

Give up vices

It is better for your heart if you give up drinking and smoking or chewing paan or tobacco.

Go for routine checks

After a heart attack it is advisable to have regular consultations with your doctor and test your blood pressure, cholesterol levels etc.

Be strong

If you stay strong mentally and physically and make a healthy lifestyle change, you reduce the chance of another attack.

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  1. Sunaina Sharma
    November 24, 23:23 #1 Sunaina Sharma

    The first line, “Heart attack kills one person every 33 seconds in India” – Times of India, is such a shocker! Thank you for this blog!

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