Have you serviced the engine of your body – YOUR HEART?

Have you serviced the engine of your body – YOUR HEART?
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How well do you look after your car? Do you make sure that it is finely tuned? Do you regularly send it to the body shop to get it detailed?

How often do you do that for an engine that works much harder for you than your car — your heart?

People put off getting a heart health-check done till a problem arises. Isn’t it better to have a regular heart health screening to make sure that your ticker is ticking properly.

A regular heart health check-up is important for early detection

One of the common reasons for heart conditions is damage to blood vessels. This can occur due to blood pressure and high cholesterol. A heart health screening will test for blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar numbers. If these levels are abnormal, the patient can make some simple lifestyle changes to bring them under control. This eases the stress on the heart and avoids the risk of a heart incident.

Advanced heart health tests include:-

Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Test

This helps determine how much of plaque build-up has occurred in the arteries. It measures the thickness of the inner layers to find out if you are at risk for cardiovascular disease. The thickness of the inner layers of the carotid artery is measured using ultrasound imaging

Cardiac calcium scoring

This is a non-invasive CT scan of the heart. It measures the amount of calcified plaque that is present in the coronary arteries and uses that score to calculate the risk of developing coronary artery disease.

Prepping for the tests

These tests need very little preparation.

Wear loose, comfortable clothes

Avoid wearing any kind of jewelry or accessory

A wide open blouse or shirt is preferable.

Get a comprehensive heart health check-up at Kauvery Hospital

At Kauvery Hospital, we know how important early detection of heart conditions is. That is why we offer the most advanced, state of the art tests to assess your heart. Our Heart Health Package includes a Carotid IMT Scan and a Coronary Calcium Scoring CT. You can find out more about the heart health package at https://www.kauveryhospital.com/Health-Packages/Chennai

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  1. Yasmin Dass
    November 17, 22:13 #1 Yasmin Dass

    It is so important to go for regular checkups after a certain age!. Thanks for such an informative blog!

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  2. Neha Singh
    December 22, 10:14 #2 Neha Singh

    I’ve gone through your article. It is extremely valuable post for us to motivate ourselves just to keep our heart healthy. Thanks for sharing.

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