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Stress Hormone and its effects 1

The body produces various hormones to manage innumerable functions or processes in the body, on a day-to-day basis. One such hormone is Cortisol. Since its most famous function is Stress

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The Pancreas and its functions 1

What is the Pancreas? The pancreas is a leaf-shaped gland present in the upper-left part of the abdomen and behind the stomach. The pancreas is spongy, 6 to 10 inches

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Hormonal Imbalance in Women 3

Hormones are chemical messengers that are produced by the endocrine glands in the human body and released into the bloodstream. They manage and regulate many of the body’s processes. These

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Estrogen and weight-gain: what is the connection? 1

The sex hormones – testosterone, estrogen and progesterone are present in both men and women. While men have more testosterone and less of the other two hormones, in women, it’s

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What is Thyroid and how does it function? 4

What is Thyroid? The human body is made up of various body systems such as Musculo-Skeletal, Nervous, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Digestive, Reproductive systems, Endocrine etc. The Endocrine system comprises tiny organs

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