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Infectious Diseases

What are the Symptoms of Seasonal Flu? 0

The winter is here and along with the drop in temperature, one can see the familiar sight of children and adults lining up at a doctor’s clinic for cold or

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What is Scrub Typhus? 0

Typhus is a disease caused by a bacterial infection.  The specific bacteria  belongs to a group called Rickettsia. The disease spreads through the bites of minute insects like fleas, mites,

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Dengue Fever Alert! 0

Suspect dengue when a high fever (40°C/ 104°F) is accompanied by two of the following symptoms: Severe headache Pain behind the eyes Nausea, Vomiting Swollen glands Muscle and joint pains

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Swine Flu – Frequently Asked Questions 0

What is swine flu? Swine flu, also known as 2009 H1N1 type A influenza, is a human disease. People get the disease from other people, not from pigs. The disease originally

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