Living with Diabetes

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living with diabetes
Eat better
•  Have regular meal schedules
• Work with a dietician
• Have a weekly meal plan
• Make healthy choices when eating out
• Keep diabetes friendly foods at home

Increase activity level
• An activity a day is a must – even a walk would do
• Play a game or learn a new one
• Work out in a group – it’s good for the morale
• Try different types of work outs
• Join a gym or get a trainer

Medication is important
• Medicines must be taken on schedule
• Put a reminder on your clock
• Get a medicine organizer with daily tablets
• Carry snacks at all times (in case medicines have to be taken after food)
• Make sure you carry a bottle of water

Steady monitoring is necessary
• See your doctor regularly
• Get blood work done on schedule
• Consult your doctor if there is any discomfort
• Keep your monitoring doctor informed of other consults
• Update doctor on new medication

Build a support system
• Educate your family about diabetes
• Ask them for assistance
• Family support is necessary for dietary changes
• Get help on days that you are tired
• Remember to thank them

Get your act together
• Quit smoking
• Avoid alcohol
• Manage weight
• Get into a routine
• Meditate to reduce stress

Stay positive
• Diabetes is a tough illness- acknowledge that
• Understand the illness
• Take each day as it comes
• Join a support group
• Take pleasure in the small wins

Live life fully while managing diabetes!

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  1. Rajasekar, Trichy
    December 28, 08:45 #1 Rajasekar, Trichy

    Love the infographics. Yes. living with diabetes is tough and with a good support system life just gets a little easier.

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