Gallbladder Problems – Symptoms and Types of Diseases

Gallbladder Problems – Symptoms and Types of Diseases
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The gallbladder:-
• Is a pear shaped organ
• Is situated under the liver in the abdomen
• Stores bile (a mixture of fluids, fat and cholesterol)
• Helps vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed easily into the blood

Gallbladder Problems – Symptoms
• Pain
– Usually occurs in the upper abdomen
– Could be mild and infrequent or severe and frequent
– Pain may radiate to the back and chest
• Nausea or Vomiting
• Acid reflux and gas
• Fever or Chills (usually sign of an infection)
• Chronic Diarrhea (More than four bowel movements a day, continuously for weeks)
• Jaundice
• Unusual Stools or Urine
– Stools will be light in colour
– Urine will be dark and yellow
– Usually a symptom of bile duct blocks

Gallbladder Diseases
• Cholecystitis- Is the inflammation of the gallbladder(can be acute or chronic)
• Gallstones- Small, hard deposits, usually harmless, but if infected can cause inflammation and pain
• Choledocholithiasis – Common bile duct stones which occur in the tube that joins the gall bladder to the intestines.

Infection can cause Pain and Inflammation
• Acalculous gallbladder disease – Similar symptoms as gallstones but there is an absence of gallstones
• Bile duct infection – Common bile duct stones cause infection in the bile duct channel. May need emergency treatment
• Abscess of the Gallbladder – Gallstones infect gallbladder causing pus (empyema) Causes severe abdominal pain. Needs immediate attention
• Gallstone Ileus – Gallstones move into the intestine blocking it. Prevalent among the elderly
• Perforated Gallbladder – Occurs when gallstones are not treated for too long. Perforates the gallbladder. Can be fatal since infection will spread quickly
• Gallbladder Polyps – Growths in the gallbladder which can be benign. Not dangerous, but larger ones may have to be removed
• Porcelain Gallbladders – Calcium deposits stiffen the walls of the gallbladder, making them rigid.
• Gallbladder Cancer – Is rare but can spread fast if undetected

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