What is the difference between Indigestion and Heart burn?

What is the difference between Indigestion and Heart burn?
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Many people think that indigestion and heartburn are the same things but quite often heartburn is one of the symptoms of indigestion.

Causes of indigestion
• Eating too much
• Eating too fast
• Too much coffee or alcohol
• Eating fatty or spicy foods

Causes of heartburn
• Coffee or alcohol
• Medication
• Carbonated drinks
• Chocolate
• Acidic juices
• Acidic foods
Symptoms of indigestion
• Feeling of discomfort
• Pain in upper abdomen
• Nausea
• Burping
• Flatulence

Symptoms of heartburn
• Difficulty in swallowing
• Chronic cough
• Burning in upper abdomen
• Persistent sore throat
• Regurgitation of foodstuff with a taste of acid in the throat
• Persistent hoarseness or laryngitis.
Treatment for indigestion
• Eat small meals, more frequently
• Don’t lie down immediately after eating
• Don’t smoke
• Reduce coffee and alcohol
• Don’t wear clothes that are too tight fitting around the chest
 Treatment for heartburn
• Don’t eat late night snacks
• If on medication, consult doctor about acidity
• Sip water to keep pH levels in your mouth level
• Have a glass of water with a pinch of baking soda
• Avoid acidic foods and juices
• Avoid coffee and alcohol
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