Coronary Heart Disease Awareness

Coronary Heart Disease Awareness
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The incidents of heart disease are increasing in epidemic proportions. Why? The single most important factor is lack of physical exercise. Lack of physical exercise is glaringly present in majority of the people coming with coronary heart disease. Obesity is increasing, again in epidemic proportions in India.

As we are aware, life style modification is very important to control risk factors. If you modify your lifestyle by, maintaining an optimum body weight, regular physical exercise and stop smoking and do yoga/meditation or any of these things you can reduce heart disease by 40%.

Dr.K.P.Suresh Kumar, Chief Cardiologist of Kauvery Hospital, talks about Coronary Heart Disease.

Alarming Increase of Coronary Heart Disease among Indians

The incidence of heart disease is increasing in epidemic proportions in India. One of the main reasons for this increase is the unhealthy lifestyle followed by the general population. For many Indians, these days, a working day consists of sitting for hours at a desk or at a computer. After work, most of them relax at the end of the day in front of the television. There is a severe lack of physical exercise glaringly present in most of the people coming to a hospital
with coronary heart disease.

Common Risk Factors for Coronary Heart Disease

A sedentary lifestyle and the lack of physical exercise are common causes that can raise the risk of heart disease. An unhealthy diet also poses a risk. This unhealthy lifestyle can lead to obesity which becomes an added risk factor. Making a change to a healthy lifestyle is very important to decrease the risk factors for coronary heart disease.

Lifestyle Modifications to Decrease Risk of Coronary Heart Disease

● Maintaining an optimum body weight
● Regular physical exercise
● Stopping bad habits
● Leading a stress-free life by doing yoga/meditation.

Adhering to the above lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease by 40%.

Other Risk Factors for Coronary Heart Disease

Lifestyle modification can go a long way in helping reduce the risk of heart disease. But, for people with underlying illnesses, this may not be enough. People who suffer from illnesses like diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension have a higher risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Chronic Illness Patients and Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease is one of the complications that can arise when one suffers from a chronic illness. With a little care, this complication can be avoided.

Make a lifestyle modification

Physicians advise people with chronic illnesses to modify their lifestyle and habits to manage the illness that they suffer from, whether it is diabetes, cholesterol, or high blood pressure. This is advisable not only to manage their illness but to also reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

Take Medication on Time

Patients with chronic illnesses will be on medication to manage their illness. These medications will have to be taken throughout their lives. It is important to ensure that the medication is taken on time and as prescribed. Skipping the medication can lead to complications in the illness, and this can increase the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Keep the Illness in Check

People with chronic illnesses tend to become careless, especially if the illness is not affecting their quality of life. They stop their medications, health check-ups, doctor’s consults, and the prescribed treatment. This is not advisable as not only will they aggravate their illness but may trigger other complications like coronary heart disease.

Stick to the Treatment Plan

It is important to stick to the prescribed treatment plan for the illness, have regular consults with the physician, and do necessary, routine tests on time.

Raising Awareness

Dr. K.P. Suresh Kumar explains the importance of raising awareness of coronary heart disease. He feels that many people are unaware that they are at risk. In fact, post-meno pausal women are more at risk of coronary heart disease than those with ovarian or breast cancer.

He also stresses that raising awareness of the symptoms of a heart attack or a stroke is important. This is because the faster a patient is given treatment, the better his/her chances of survival.

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  1. Neha Kasana
    November 30, 17:48 #1 Neha Kasana

    A very informative video! Physical exercise is certainly very important!

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  2. Tamilarasi
    January 20, 15:07 #2 Tamilarasi

    Our lifestyle has changed dramatically and regular exercise has become essential.

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