Importance of Regular Heart health Check ups

Importance of Regular Heart health Check ups
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Heart health check-ups are important at any point in your life but once you cross 40, they get even more important. Certain factors, like family history of certain illnesses, or certain medical issues may mean that you may have to do heart health check-ups more often. You should have regular heart check-ups if:-

  • Heart disease runs in your family
  • You are smoker or drinker
  • If you are over 40
  • If you are overweight
  • If you have had any previous heart problems
  • If you lead a stressful life

Why should you have regular heart screenings?

There are many reasons for having a heart health check up done regularly. These include:-

Early detection

If a heart problem is detected early, it can be treated early. If there are certain changes that you have to make in your life, if there is a treatment that you have to follow or medication that you have to take, the earlier you start, the better.

To keep your weight under control

Obesity can lead to heart disease. During heart screenings, the doctor will also check your weight and if you need to lose weight, not only can they advice you on how you can lose weight but also put you in touch with a good nutritionist to help make a diet plan.

Maintain optimum levels

High blood pressure, high sugar levels, high triglycerides and too much cholesterol can cause heart disease. It is important to make sure that all your levels are normal. When you do your health check-ups regularly, you are keeping a check on your levels and can take steps to control them.

How often should you go for a check-up?

A check up once a year is necessary if you’re in your 40s. If you have been diagnosed with a heart disease already, or if your BMI is high or your pathology is not optimum, you may need to check it more often. Your doctor will be able to help you in deciding when and how often you should do a heart screening.

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    Regular checkups are so important! Thank you for the blog!

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