Nurses-The heart of a hospital

Nurses-The heart of a hospital
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The trained nurse has become one of the great blessings of humanity, taking a place beside the physician and the priest.
William Osler

Nurses hold up the walls of a hospital and are integral to its working. It is one of the most humanitarian and exhausting vocations in the world. Earlier, nurses were not given the importance they deserve, though they worked as hard as they do today. They were seen as doctors’ assistants and someone who works in the fringes of a hospital. It is heartwarming to see that nurses are acknowledged for their commitment and dedication these days.
A nurse has to be many things at the same time. Some of the many roles they play are:
Caregiver: There are different kinds of needs that patients have depending on their illness. A nurse has to adjust to each patient’s needs. It could include everything from cleaning them, to monitoring them, to administering shots.

Quick thinker: In a hospital, there is bound to be a crisis, often. A nurse has to be ready to jump in and figure out what kind of emergency response to take with regard to the patient.

Counselor: A patient in a hospital is away from home, in a strange environment and scared. The nurse has to make them feel that they are in safe hands and everything is being done to help them get better.

Communicator: It is important that a nurse be a good listener and communicator. Only then will they be able to monitor a patient’s condition and update the doctor, when they make their rounds. This quality will also help them when dealing with the patient and their family.

Enforcer: Though this sounds stern and not very care-giving, it is equally important. Some patients need to be pushed a little, to help them get better. A nurse has to know how to gently encourage the patient to strive to get better.

Some qualities that nurses possess are compassion for the ill, respect for their work and their patients, patience and dedication. On World Nurse’s day (Friday, 12th May), we laud those amazing men and women who make the hospital a home.

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