6 things NOT to say when you are visiting the sick

6 things NOT to say when you are visiting the sick
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#1 – It’s a terrible illness doing its rounds, and it takes 6 months to actually get cured. 
This line will really put off a patient who is all set to go back to work the following week. 

#2 – Oh My God, You look terrible! 
Patient already knows that. The mirror keeps telling that line. You don’t have to rub it in. You should also not say, You Look Great. That’s a blatant lie and again the patient knows it. 

#3 – Let me know how I can help you. 
Don’t saddle the poor patient with mental stress of finding ways for you to help, although you meant that line as rhetoric. Instead you can say, Let me cook for you on Friday. 

#4 – My aunt’s nephew had some illness like yours and after a long stay in hospital he finally died. But of course you won’t. You will get better soon. 
Do not talk about other relatives’ illnesses and worse , do not talk about how they became sicker and passed on. Last thing a patient wants to hear. 

#5 – My friend’s employer’s sister had this illness and this was the drug she was taking… Why don’t you try that? It might work better than what your doctor is giving you. 
Please never interfere in the treatment and put wrong ideas into the patient’s head. This is downright dangerous. 

#6 – I had to wade through traffic and wait for the elevator for more than 20 minutes to reach here. 
Don’t make the visit sound like an obligation.

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