Activities For The Family – To Increase Bond And Wean Away From Gadgets

Activities For The Family – To Increase Bond And Wean Away From Gadgets
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We live in a world where the creation is threatening to overshadow the creator, where technology is threatening to overpower man! We have become slaves to our technological innovations to an extent that human relationships are no longer the way we knew them to be. Technology has laid siege on families and the young are easy targets. Children have lost their sense of amazement and wonder and, sadly, most young people wouldn’t really know what to do without their electronic gadgets.

Here are some tips that will revive bonding between   family members and help them to look forward to times with each other. While being engaged in these activities, it will be a fantastic idea to stay away from gadgets.

Family Games – Learn and indulge in games which requires family participation. This is an enjoyable activity that will prompt kids to interact with parents and spend quality time with them.

Story telling – Story telling is an activity enjoyed by the young and old alike. Parents could share episodes from their childhood or talk about their extended family in an effort to make their children understand their relatives better. Be your family’s Enid Blyton and weave the magic of your childhood into stories. This is sure to capture the interest and the hearts of your family members. This is also a great way to revive a sense of wonder in children and to connect them with   their roots. Kids can be encouraged to talk about school and their friends, every day. Promote this as a daily activity and, gradually, children will develop trust in their parents and not seek help online.

Camping – This can be done as a family activity to enjoy quietude and quality time. Exposure to nature and sleeping under the stars have become a rarity and we need to infuse such simple pleasures into modern lives to save ourselves from gadget monsters.

Include children – Very often we see adults running households, while children remain detached. It is important to include children in running the household on a daily basis, be it running errands, doing the dishes, simple cooking or even planning the budget. This not only equips them for the future by learning life skills but also helps to reduce their gadget time.

Outdoor activities – It will be a good idea for the entire family to go for nature walks to nearby places, at least once a week. While you are at it, help children to observe and get familiar with nature. This is a good way to acknowledge the plant, animal and bird life around us and to remember that we are not alone on this planet. It will also be a good idea for families to go to local parks and stroll around or relax with a book! The more time you spend outdoor the more you will begin to love it .

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