Why is Master Health Check up important and what is the duration?

Why is Master Health Check up important and what is the duration?
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Benefits of master health check up

Review of your vitals

Your basic medical information is updated. This means your doctor and your hospital has your latest health profile.

Detection of illness

An annual check-up helps doctors identify any illness. Early detection raises the chance of prevention and cure.

Start early treatment

If there is an abnormality, treatment can be started right away. Treatments of diseases like cancer will be more effective the earlier you start.

Chances of better medication

Medicines keep changing and better ones keep coming into the market. If you have any chronic problems, your doctor may be able to give you better medication for it.

Prevents fear and stress

An annual check-up and knowing that all is well with your body can allay fears about small aches and pains or worry over lumps and moles.

Helps maintain better lifestyle

Monitoring your vitals will give the doctor and you a chance to see what habits need to be changed or stopped to make sure that you will not be at risk for an illness.

Annual Health Checkup

Keeps you informed

An annual check-up can help you ask the doctor any questions you may have and get the latest medical information on problems that you may have or may face in the future.

Helps set goals

This is a great time to set goals for lifestyle changes and take preventive steps to take care of avoiding long term illnesses.

How long does a health checkup take?

How long does a health checkup take?

It usually takes only one day. Once you go in, on an empty stomach:-
• Urine and stool samples are taken
• Blood sample is taken
• ECG, X-rays and scans are done
• You consult with the various doctors based on your results

If further tests are needed, the doctor will let you know.

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  1. Balamurugan
    October 18, 07:11 #1 Balamurugan

    One day per year is definitely important for our health. Master health check up should be a part of our health routine.

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