What Is The Role Of The Liver?

What Is The Role Of The Liver?
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The liver, which is one of the largest and most vital internal organs of the human body, is located in the abdomen, along with other organs that are part of the digestive system.

  • It is a cone-shaped organ that is reddish-brown in colour and typically weighs about 1.4 kilograms.
  • It has 2 main sections or lobes and each of these lobes has about 1000 smaller lobes in it.

A healthy liver will normally hold about half a litre of blood.

Liver failure, when the liver is unable to function properly, is a serious medical condition and if it reaches the stage where the liver functions stop, a liver transplant may be required to pave the patient’s life.

The Functions Of The Liver

The liver has 2 main functions.

One is to maintain the levels of the various chemicals in the blood and the other is to break down nutrients into forms that are non-toxic or which the body can easily absorb.

Approximately 500 different metabolic functions have been associated with the liver. The major and most well-known ones include:

  • The production of bile which helps the small intestine break down and absorbs vitamins, fats, and cholesterol.
  • The absorption of bilirubin results from the breakdown of haemoglobin and this, in turn, releases iron which is stored in the liver so that it can be used for the production of new blood cells.
  • Metabolizing fats so that they are easier to digest.
  • Metabolizing carbohydrates can be stored in the liver in the form of glucose which is released into the bloodstream to maintain normal glucose levels. Additional glucose is released when the body needs a sudden burst of energy.
  • Metabolizing proteins for easier digestion.
  • Storing various vitamins that are essential to good health so that if there are not enough in the food intake, they can be released to maintain the vitamin levels.
  • The storage of minerals like copper and iron is required for the production of new blood cells.
  • The production of cells plays a role in strengthening the immune system and destroying various disease-causing vectors that may enter the body.
  • The production of albumin is a protein that transports vital fatty acids and also hormones that helps to maintain blood pressure and prevent leakage from the blood vessels. The liver produces a hormone called angiotensinogen that helps to raise blood pressure if the body requires it.

Liver Failure

Liver failure is a critical condition that could be fatal. It requires urgent medical attention. In most cases, the condition develops gradually over years and is called chronic liver failure.

Many liver diseases can cause the condition. There is also another condition called acute liver failure that can develop over a matter of days.

Liver failure is said to be present when the liver is so badly damaged that it is unable to function.

Treatment for liver failure

There are 3 categories of treatment for liver failure.

  • If the condition has been caused by the ingestion of medications or toxins, some medicines may be used to reverse the effect.
  • If the problem is due to an infection, supportive care (usually in a hospital) may enable the body to fight off the infection.
  • If the liver is damaged beyond recovery or repair, a liver transplant is the only option. Organ transplants are major procedures, but the liver is one of the most common transplant surgeries and the success rate is high.

If you or a person close to you has been diagnosed with a liver ailment, or such a condition is suspected, a full medical examination must be done at a super specialty hospital with a liver disease and transplantation Center of Excellence.


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