Do’s and Don’ts in Epilepsy | Epilepsy First Aid

Do’s and Don’ts in Epilepsy |  Epilepsy First Aid
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The fact that there is, at present, no cure for epilepsy does not mean that those suffering from this condition cannot live a full and productive life. With the right care, precautions knowing what to do and not to do, a patient can be active and enjoy a good quality of life. The first step in managing the condition is to locate a highly qualified and reputed neurologist so that a management program-diagnosis, investigation, treatment, and precautions- tailored to your specific needs can be put into place.

Living With Epilepsy

A neurologist will tell you about the dos and don’ts that apply to your specific case and condition. That being said, there are some general precautions that anyone with epilepsy should take. These include:

  • Do take your medications regularly and as per the schedule you have been given. Missing a dose or more can result in a seizure. However, over a long period, you may forget about the medication occasionally and doses may be missed once in a while, especially if you are engrossed in something. You can minimize the possibility of this happening by downloading and using a smartphone app that will remind you to take your medicine.
  • Do use and carry a pill caddy with you so that your medications are always available and ensure that the different medications are sorted out into the different compartments, so you do not get them mixed up.
  • Do not be embarrassed about taking your meds and try to hide them away, especially if you are at work or school. They are a part of your life and nothing to be ashamed of. Keep them in plain sight where you will see them and be reminded about taking them on time.
  • Do ensure that you have a stock of medicine always available so that you do not risk running out.
  • Do not experiment with new medicines that friends recommend or that you find advertised online as producing “miracle” results. Your doctor has recommended medications for a reason. Consult him before thinking of trying anything different.
  • Do get enough exercise and rest. Both are essential in giving you the strength to deal with the condition.
  • Do not consume alcohol or recreational drugs.
  • Do not take medications for other medical conditions without the doctor’s approval. Some medications could increase the likelihood of seizures.
  • Do understand and remember the triggers that bring on seizures and avoid them.
  • Do not feel that you need to join in activities that you think may cause a seizure just because others are doing it.
  • Do use relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation and so on to relieve mental stress that can contribute to an increased frequency of seizures.
  • Do inform those with whom you spend a great deal of time about your condition and how they can help you if a seizure should occur.
  • Do not ignore situations where the risk of seizures is increased. If you cannot completely avoid them, ensure that you are not alone and that those with you know how to help you if you need it.

Staying Safe

Staying safe is basically a matter of understanding what epilepsy is, how and why seizures occur, how to prevent them, and what should be done if they occur. If you have epilepsy or suspect that you may have the condition, consult a neurologist. If you do have epilepsy you will be given all the information and dos and don’ts you need to live a safe and happy life.


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  1. Padmapriya
    February 13, 22:56 #1 Padmapriya

    The point, ‘Do not experiment with new medicines that friends recommend’ is so important!

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  2. Renuka V
    November 11, 06:45 #2 Renuka V

    I am an epileptic and I find this article very useful. all points listed out are very important. The day when I am really busy and I do not get enough sleep i get a seizure attack. Sleep is so important.

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  3. Santhiya P
    March 08, 13:48 #3 Santhiya P

    Yoga and meditation really helps! My uncle has epilepsy and there is great improvement after he got into yoga.

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