Life after a stroke: Recovery and Rehabilitation

by admin | December 23, 2020 7:23 am

An episode of Stroke can be debilitating, or life-changing. Depending on how soon medical help was provided after the attack, the extent of brain tissue damage can be major or minor, permanent or temporary.

That is why; once you reach the hospital, the doctors’ immediate priorities are to:

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Why is Stroke Rehabilitation required?

Victims of stroke go through various changes and conditions. Some of them are:

When does Stroke Rehabilitation start? 

Rehabilitation starts the moment a patient is taken to the hospital after a stroke attack. Large and reputed hospitals have a separate Rehabilitation unit to handle this while smaller hospitals refer patients to hospitals that specialize in this (in-patient or out-patient units). Once the patient is discharged, the rehabilitation process continues at home. Family members and caregivers of the patient are closely involved in this. The home may require small modifications and renovations to factor in the patient’s challenges.

The rehabilitation process is managed by various therapists, specialist doctors, and rehabilitation nurses who have enough experience in this area. In addition to the therapists listed earlier, the rehabilitation program may include social workers who will connect the patient to financial resources, and recreation therapists who will help the patient reconnect with hobbies and activities he/she used to enjoy before.

Duration and outcomes of Stroke Rehabilitation

Recovering from a stroke is a long-term program, so it requires patience, hard work, and commitment on the part of the patient and caregivers. It may take a few months for some patients to recover most of their faculties while for some, it may take up to 1.5 to 2 years to recover fully and get back to a normal life.

The outcome of the program is dependent on how much brain damage has occurred, how soon did the recovery start, how good is the patient’s motivation and ability to work towards recovery, the age of the patient and whether he/she has other medical problems that can affect recovery.

Many stroke patients can resume normal life

While all the above information may look ominous, in reality many stroke patients get back to a normal life within a few months to a year. Stroke Rehabilitation is a very specialized and sophisticated field today with several decades of research and manned by various therapists or specialists as explained earlier. Reputed hospitals offer all these under one roof and strive to add value at every step.

So, if you or any of your dear ones has just suffered an episode of stroke, do not panic. Contact a reputed hospital that will counsel you on rehabilitation and design a program to help you resume a normal life at the earliest. Thousands of stroke victims have overcome the condition in the past and continue to do so every year, worldwide. Rest assured, you or your loved one shall also make it through.

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