What kind of headache do you have? What could be the cause?

What kind of headache do you have? What could be the cause?
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Headaches can just be a pain in the head, but you can identify the type of headache by :-
• Cause
• Duration
• Symptoms
• intensity

Primary headaches
There are 2 kinds:-
• Episodic headache – Occurs once in a while
– Can for several hours
• Chronic headaches – Occur periodically
– Can last for days
– Pain management is essential

Tension headache
• Dull, aching sensation
• Tenderness and sensitivity around neck, forehead, scalp
• Tightness in neck and shoulders
• Occurs due to physical or mental stress

Cluster headache
• Severe burning, piercing pain
• Occur behind one eye, or one side of face
• May have swelling, redness, sweating
• May occur due to sinus and nasal problems

• Intense, deep pulsing pain
• Can last for days
• Limits functionality
• Sensitivity to visual and audio stimuli
• May be age or hormone or stress related

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Allergy or sinus headaches
• Pain in sinus and front of head
• Intense, pulsing pain
• Nasal congestion and tearing of eyes
• May be caused by allergies

Hormone headaches
• Severe pain at the back of the head
• Occurs mostly in women
• Is due to hormonal imbalance
• Associated with menstruation, birth control pills, and pregnancy
• May occur periodically during menopause

Caffeine headaches
• Caffeine affects blood flow to the brain
• Giving up coffee can cause withdrawal migraines
• Can occur with too much coffee as well as quitting
• Can be managed by reducing coffee intake slowly

Hypertension headache
• Pain on both sides of the head
• Sensitivity to visual and audio stimuli
• Has a pulsating quality
• This kind of headache signals an emergency
• Consult a doctor at once

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Post traumatic headaches (After accident)
• Develops after any type of head injury
• Pain differs depending on trauma
• Whiplash (Neck strain) can cause tension headaches
• Can last for months after incident
• Can become chronic


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