4 Questions to ask your Orthopedician

4 Questions to ask your Orthopedician
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The skeletomuscular system is one of the most important systems in the human body. This is what supports our body, gives it its shape and enables our free movement at all times. This system is made up of several bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Oxygen-rich blood is supplied to these parts by the cardiovascular system.

Like other organ systems, the skeletomuscular system is also vulnerable to a wide range of ailments and conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, bone cancer, etc, along with fractures, sprains and injuries. Pain in the back, lower back and joints of the body are common conditions, and are what bring most people to an orthopedician. An orthopedician/orthopedic surgeon is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating all conditions related to the skeletomuscular system.

If you suffer from any such ailment, it’s good to consult a reputed hospital, as such hospitals have the best orthopedicians. Avoid self-medication, home-remedies, native doctors and chiropractors as they can worsen your condition.

While interacting with the orthopedician, it’s good to clarify all aspects of your condition.

1. What is the condition all about?

It’s good to know what the condition is called as, what are the causes that contributed to it, including lifestyle factors or any medication you are taking currently. It’s good to know the range of symptoms expected for this condition so that you can prepare yourself accordingly. It’s also important to know the risk that comes from not treating this condition on time.

2. How is the condition diagnosed?

It is useful to know the tests that the doctor will undertake in order to confirm the precise condition and the stage it is in, as well as rule out other conditions. This will help you prepare for the tests accordingly.

3. What are the treatment options available to me?

Once the test results arrive, you should discuss the same with the doctor and understand the treatment options available to you. Will it be restricted to physiotherapy and pain-killers, or will a surgical procedure be involved? In case of a surgical procedure, is it incisional or a minimally-invasive procedure? What are the risks and benefits of the treatment recommended by the specialist? How much will the treatment cost? And finally how long will it take to get back to a normal life?

4. What lifestyle changes can I make to prevent a recurrence of this condition?

Lifestyle factors such as cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, lack of exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits and malnutrition are all huge risk factors for ailments of the skeletomuscular system. It’s important to know if any of your lifestyle factors contributed to your condition and what changes you can make to your lifestyle to prevent the condition from recurring.

While this is a good approach for any ailment, in any part of the body, it becomes very critical in the case of the skeletomuscular system. This is because your mobility, your ability to manage your day-to-day activities independently, and your quality of life are all dependent on the health of your skeletomuscular system.


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