ACL tear – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

ACL tear – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
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The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament:-
* Runs diagonally in the middle of the knee
* Prevents the tibia from sliding out in front of the femur
* Provides rotational stability to the knee

Causes of ACL tear
• Injury to side of knee(ex: football tackle)
• Overextending knee joint
• Changing direction abruptly while running
• Landing from a jump
• Sudden turning
(Note: Basketball, football, soccer, and skiing are common sports linked to ACL tears)

• Knee makes audible pop when extending
• Swelling around the knee joint
• Pain when putting weight on injured leg

Immediate First Aid
• Rest with foot elevated
• Apply ice on the affected area
• Pain medication
• Don’t put weight on the leg (use a crutch)

Treatment – ACL reconstruction surgery
* Surgeon removes damaged ligament
* Replaces it with a segment of tendon (grafting)
* Graft serves as scaffolding on which new ligament tissue can grow

• Physiotherapy
• Pain medication
• Brace to stabilize knee
• Crutches to avoid putting weight on your knee.

Prevention of ACL tear
• Use proper techniques when playing sports
• Learn how to reduce stress placed on the ACL.
• Use of knee braces during vigorous athletic activity

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