Common health issues of newborn babies

Common health issues of newborn babies
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Newborn babies go through some health issues as they adapt to a new world and a new environment. These problems activate their immune system, and eventually, they disappear. Neonatologist or Paediatrician will educate you on these problems and how to deal with them.


Crying is the baby’s natural way of demanding a nappy change, cuddling, or a feed. Or the baby may not be feeling well. Try feeding the baby, changing the nappy, cuddling, giving a massage or bath, stroking the baby, swaying while holding it in your arms, or rocking the cradle. If the crying persists, consult a doctor who will conduct a thorough examination.


One of the most common problems among newborns is jaundice. This appears when the baby is 3 or 4 days old and lasts for a week to 10 days. The child may have yellowish eyes. Jaundice occurs because, in newborns, the liver is immature, so the baby has high bilirubin levels in the body. The condition goes away in a week. But if jaundice occurs within 24 hours of birth or  lasts more than 3 weeks, the Paediatrician will investigate the cause and take necessary action.

Bloated belly

Some newborns have a bloated stomach or an abdomen that feels hard to the touch, between feeds. Quite often, this is a case of constipation or gas. But if the problem persists for long, bring it to the notice of your doctor. He/she will examine your baby for any other ailment.


During a feed, the mother’s milk may come on too fast, which causes the baby to cough. This will eventually go away as the baby learns how to handle this. But if the cough persists, consult your doctor as it may be an issue with the baby’s digestive system or lungs.

Noisy Breathing 

Newborn babies breathe out of their nose, not their mouth. Baby nose has a smaller air passage, little bit of mucus can make the breathing passage even smaller, causing the noisy Breathing. It is a normal phenomenon.  If it is persistent, consult a doctor.

Skin related issues

The newborn may have dry, blotchy, cracked skin or discoloration in some parts of the body. Typically, these go away after a few weeks as new layers of skin get replaced quickly in newborns. They do not need any treatment, nor should you use any skin creams or lotions.

Nappy rash

Once the child is regularly feeding, the baby’s nappies will frequently get wet. Some babies may develop a nappy rash, which appears as redness or inflammation in the bowel area. To prevent this, ensure the nappy is changed frequently; the bowels are cleaned with water and dried well before a new nappy is put on. If the nappy rash persists, despite taking adequate care, consult the doctor.


Gas may get trapped in the baby’s stomach or intestines and cause discomfort to the baby. The baby then cries incessantly or appears distressed. Speak to the doctor who will relive the condition quickly.

Cradle cap

The baby may have oily, patchy, or scaly skin on the scalp. Flaky white or yellow patches appear on the scalp. Typically, the scales loosen up and go away with daily bathing. But if they become hard and tough to remove, consult your doctor who will recommend a medicated shampoo or some other treatment. But do not forcibly try to remove the scales or scratch the scalp. This can injure the scalp and leave permanent scars.

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