Tips for new moms – To worry or not to worry

Tips for new moms – To worry or not to worry
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Guide to a new Mom-Care for your newborn baby. Tips for things to look for…

A new baby is a joy, and a miracle, all rolled into one beautiful bundle. While everyone around cuddles the baby and enjoys the precious moments, for a new mother it can be a worrying time. Every cough, every sneeze, every wail can send a new mother into panic. But, remember, like all new things, motherhood has a learning curve. You will figure it out.

Though a newborn needs monitoring 24/7, the new mother does not have to worry at every sound or movement that her baby makes. Sometimes, the wail is for feeding or comfort.

But, at other times, it could be a cause for concern. Some common newborn problems that mothers can keep an eye out for include:-

Newborn Jaundice

Don’t worry – if your newborn develops a yellowish tinge on their skin soon after birth. It is a sign of jaundice and is common. It is caused by the build-up of bilirubin which is usually processed by the liver. A newborn’s liver may yet be too immature to process the bilirubin and excrete it. It will eventually pass as the baby’s liver function gets better.

Worry – if the jaundice doesn’t pass or returns a few weeks after you bring the baby home. It could be a sign of a liver problem.


Don’t worry – if sometimes your baby won’t stop crying in spite of taking care of all their needs. The constant crying could be a sign of colic. Colic pain occurs in babies due to indigestion and gas. Making sure that the baby is burped after every feed can help.

Worry – if the baby manifests other symptoms like fever or a rash.


Don’t worry – if there are white patches on the roof of your baby’s mouth, inside the cheeks, and on the tongue.  It is a symptom of thrush (a bacterial infection). Use a wet cloth to gently clean inside the baby’s mouth. Clean your nipples too before and after feeds.

Worry – if the infection spreads, there is cracking around the corners of the mouth or if there is bleeding. Your paediatrician can suggest ointments and medications to treat it.


Don’t worry – if your baby has large,coloured birthmarks. They may be present at birth or they may manifest in newborns. It usually fades as the baby gets older.

Worry – if the birthmarks are around the eye and interfere with vision. If they are on the eyelid or forehead, it is wise to show it to the paediatrician.

Diaper rash

Don’t worry – if your baby develops a rash around the diaper area. It is just the baby’s tender skin reacting to wet nappies. Ensuring that you change the baby’s nappy regularly and airing the area can help prevent diaper rash.

Worry – if the rash is severe, doesn’t heal or there are open wounds. Then, you should take the baby to the doctor.

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