Why are smartphones becoming a problem?

Why are smartphones becoming a problem?
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“Nomophobia”- the fear of being without your mobile device is now recognized as a serious issue. There are several health problems associated with Nomphobia

1. Problems with wrist and fingers
• Cramped fingers
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Wrist pain
• Muscle pain
• Shoulder and arm pain

2. Eyesight problems
• Damage to retina
• Macular degeneration
• Loss of central vision
• Floaters
• Dry eyes

3. Back problems
• Hunching over the phone causes back pain
• 45% of young people (16 to 24) suffer from back pain due to phones
• Studies show that texting can add 50 pounds of pressure on spine

4. Nerve Damage
• Can cause occipital neuralgia
• Nerves that run from the top of the spinal cord up through the scalp become compressed or inflamed
• Causes symptoms similar to a severe headache or migraine

5. Anxiety & Depression
• Due to anticipation of notifications or the lack thereof
• No physical human interaction
• Stress from online games
• Being on call 24/7

6. Loss of social skills
• Studies show that addicted users find it difficult to interact socially
• They are withdrawn and uncommunicative
• Social settings make them uncomfortable
• In extreme cases, stepping out of the house becomes impossible

7. Obesity
• Constant phone usage limits time for other activities
• There is no physical activity
• Studies show that addicts tend to eat more
• Increases lethargy and productivity

8. Other problems
• Noise induced hearing loss
• Radiation
• Burns due to overheated batteries
• Motor accidents due to using phones when driving
• Work accidents

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  1. Parthiban
    December 28, 22:48 #1 Parthiban

    A device we think is so useful can lead to such big issues! Good info!

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