World Health Day 2017 – “Depression, Let’s Talk”

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“A healthy outside starts from the inside” – Robert Urich

April 7th, 2017 is World Health Day and this year the theme is a topic that many are still unwilling to talk about and others are sceptical of, depression. People associate the term with mental disorder and insanity and do not like to admit that they are suffering from depression. This year, the World Health Organization has decided to help raise awareness about depression and how talking about it can help people get through it.

In other countries, help for people who are suffering from depression is available more easily as the topic has been in the forefront for a while now. Indians still hesitate to come out in the open and talk about their problem. It has taken the courage of certain celebrities to bring this illness out in the open and the fact that they are talking about it openly and admitting that they are suffering has helped raise awareness. Earlier, people dismissed those suffering from depression as seeking attention or making up problems. 

“Get over it”, was the attitude. Instead of helping them by listening, they have had to suffer alone and in silence. The now famous open letter by Deepika Padukone has changed people’s opinion. 

James Chau, an internationally renowned news presenter and ambassador for WHO has released this touching video about his personal fight against depression, as a lead up to World Health Day –

It’s time to talk about depression

On World Health Day, hospitals, NGOs and support groups in India will join in the effort to raise awareness and have events where current health concerns and topics will be discussed. This year, among other concerns, panels will be discussing depression and how organizations can help. So, in keeping with this year’stheme if you are suffering from depression or know someone who is, let’s talk!

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    Such an important topic! Thank you for bringing it up!

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