The Tiniest Blood Vessels Needs the Biggest Experts

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What stands today, as a 1200+ bed and growing multi-speciality hospital chain operating out of 5locations, had humble beginnings as a 30-bedded hospital in Tiruchirapalli in the year 1999. The dream of a team of doctor promoters who felt the need for a quality health care setup gave birth to today’s Kauvery Hospital.

Slowly and steadily, growing from strength to strength, Kauvery Hospital is now one of the frontrunners for providing quality healthcare services across multiple cities in Tamil Nadu.

Kauvery Hospital[1], Chennai is a 200-bed, 7-storeyed landmark. With centres of excellence in Cardiology, Vascular Surgery, Orthopaedics[2], Orthogeriatrics, Oncology[3], Gastroenterology[4], Emergency & Critical Care, Geriatrics, Diabetology, Stroke management and Urology, we offer holistic healthcare under one roof.

A team of internationally educated, skilled and seasoned doctors[5], supported by an able team of support staff and state-of-the-art infrastructure, are always ready to take care of you.

Institute of Vascular Surgery

Kauvery Hospital is a frontrunner in leveraging innovative medical technologies and practices. The Department of Vascular Surgery comprises top-of-the-line medical infrastructure and world-class surgeons to offer diagnostic and therapeutic expertise for a wide range of vascular diseases. Surgeons are particularly skilful in open and endovascular intervention for limb salvage in diabetic foot, minimally invasive endovenous intervention for chronic venous disorders including varicose veins and open and endovascular repair of aortic aneurysms.

The Kauvery Vascular Advantage

The Kauvery DNB Programme in Vascular Surgery

Kauvery D N B Programme

The National Board of Examinations has been running DNB Vascular Surgery programme in the country.

NBE has recognised the Vascular Surgery[7] department at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai, as a centre of excellence and has selected it to run a super-speciality training course.

Kauvery Hospital, Chennai is the first private healthcare provider in Tamil Nadu to be recognised by the NBE to conduct the DNB programme in Vascular Surgery.

The programme will be spearheaded by Prof Dr N Sekar, a doyen in the field of Vascular Surgery.

He was the first person in India to be awarded an M.Ch. in Vascular Surgery and the first Vascular Surgeon to start Endovascular surgeries in Tamilnadu.

He has been the president of the Vascular Society and has been one of the main people behind the shaping of Vascular Surgery speciality in India.

Kauvery Hospital now presents you with an exceptional opportunity to learn from such a venerated surgeon and take your medical journey to the next level.

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Vascular Surgical Procedures Performed

 For Limb Salvage For Limb Salvage

Aortic Disease For Aortic Disease



Aortic / Peripheral Aneurysm For Aortic / Peripheral Aneurysm

For Stroke Prevention

For Thoracic outlet syndrome or upper limb ischemia

Chronic Venous Insufficiencies Treated

  1. Varicose vein surgery Endovenous RF ablation Foam sclerotherapyOpen surgery\
  2. Micro / Macro Sclerotherapy[9] for Reticular veins Perforator Reflu
  3. Venous stenting for post phlebitic syndrome
  4. For Deep Vein Thrombosis
  1. Arteriovenous accessfor hemodialysis
  1. Emergency vascular procedures


Kauvery Hospital is globally known for its multidisciplinary services at all its Centers of Excellence, and for its comprehensive, Avant-Grade technology, especially in diagnostics and remedial care in heart diseases, transplantation, vascular and neurosciences medicine. Located in the heart of Trichy (Tennur, Royal Road and Alexandria Road (Cantonment), Chennai, Hosur, Salem, Tirunelveli and Bengaluru, the hospital also renders adult and pediatric trauma care.

Chennai – 044 4000 6000 • Trichy – Cantonment – 0431 4077777 • Trichy – Heartcity – 0431 4003500 • Trichy – Tennur – 0431 4022555 • Hosur – 04344 272727 • Salem – 0427 2677777 • Tirunelveli – 0462 4006000 • Bengaluru – 080 6801 6801

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